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Our furnace inspections make sure your home stays warm, and can even prevent issues like frozen pipes and carbon monoxide leaks from older furnaces. Just like vehicles need regular maintenance, your furnace needs regular tune-ups for safety and efficiency savings—especially as your furnace gets older. On average, a well-maintained heating system can last 15-20 years, so investing in its longevity is important for prolonged performance.


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What We Look for in a Furnace Tune-Up:


  • Furnace Age: Tune-ups can identify imminent furnace failure, cracks, and other concerns due to furnace age (15+ years old).
  • Furnace Operation: Tune-ups can find the root causes behind inconsistent temperatures, noises or smells, and other furnace problems.
  • Furnace Efficiency: Tune-ups can identify if an inefficient heating system is at the root of your high energy bills.