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Water Softener Installation

At Blakeslee & Son, we install and service trusted Sterling water softeners of several different sizes. 

What size is right for you? The right water softener depends largely on your area’s level of water hardness, the size of your household, and the amount of water used each day. Because West Michigan water is considered hard to very hard, we offer several sizes that are up to the task, no matter how big or small your family is.

We offer sizes including:

  • 30,000 grain
  • 40,000 grain
  • 45,000 grain 

Contact local water quality experts at Blakeslee & Son for the perfect water softener for your home!

Water Softener Repair & Service

Whether your water softener needs a basic repair or emergency service, Blakeslee & Son is ready to help. We offer several different services including:

  • Part replacements & repairs
  • Salt bridge removal
  • Equipment installation & relocation
  • Emergency service for leaks, pressure issues, etc.

With the right care and maintenance, your water softener should last anywhere between 10-15 years. If you run into any problems, give us a call at 616-866-1921

What Does a Water Softener Do?

A water softener works to remove the hardness particles in your water—millions of negatively charged resin beads inside the unit attract the positively charged calcium and magnesium leaving only soft water to exit. These units are relatively small and can be tucked away in the basement or another convenient location.

Signs That You Need a Water Softener

The easiest way to know if you need a water softener is to get a free water analysis. But if you haven’t gotten a water test yet, you may want to consider getting one if you notice these hard water symptoms:

  • Dry skin and hair.
  • Higher utility bills.
  • Water heater problems.
  • Water that smells or tastes bad.
  • Scale and staining on your appliances and plumbing.
  • Your laundry fades quickly in the wash or becomes stiff and scratchy.

For more information check out our water softener guide.

Sterling water softener
Navien Tankless Water Heater

Considering the Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

We recommend water softener installation with all tankless water heaters we install. Like traditional tank heaters, tankless systems are susceptible to hard water buildup—it causes the same efficiency issues, corrosion, and scale buildup on the heat exchanger. However, when the hardness minerals are removed from your water, you’ll find your tankless water heater much easier to maintain.

At Blakeslee and Son, we’ll install your water softener at the same time as your tankless or tank water heater. Send us a message today for a rapid quote on this package deal!

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A SaltIQ monitor and the SaltIQ logo

Easily Monitor Softener Salt Levels and Get Softener Salt Delivered

Tired of the hassle of water softener maintenance? Blakeslee & Son offers water softener salt delivery on a yearly basis.

With a SaltIQ system, we’ll regularly monitor your salt levels, and deliver and replace your softener salt as needed!

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Problem with your water softener? We’ll help you solve it.

Water is not softened

Water that isn’t softened could stem from a few different issues. You’ll first want to make sure that your unit is turned on and has power, the brine tank has the right amount of salt in it, and the bypass is closed. If those issues aren’t to blame, then you may need the help of an expert. Blakeslee & Son can help you with any clog removals or part replacements your unit may need!

System not regenerating

If your system isn’t regenerating, you can start by making sure your unit is properly plugged in and has power. If that’s not the issue, there may be a problem with the control head or there may be a clog in the system’s plumbing. Reach out to an expert to help with any clog removals or part replacements your unit may need!

Regeneration cycle delayed or stuck continuously running

If the regeneration cycle is delayed or stuck continuously running, start by making sure the control head settings are correct. If that’s not the issue, you could be dealing with low water pressure, broken switches, or a clog in the brine tank, brine line, or injector. In those cases, have an expert take a look. Blakeslee & Son can help with any maintenance or repairs your unit may need!

System is leaking

If your system is leaking, call an expert immediately. You are either dealing with worn out parts that need replacing or an incorrect installment. In either case, Blakeslee & Son can get your unit back up and running in no time.

Brine tank has too much water

If your brine tank has too much water, you either have a faulty water entry valve or the float valve is set too high. To set the valve lower, you can follow the instructions in your unit’s manual. But if you need to replace your entry valve, give us a call and we’d be happy to help!

Not enough water in brine tank

If your brine tank doesn’t have enough water, you either have a faulty water entry valve, the float valve is set too low, or there’s a clogged brine line. To set the valve higher, you can follow the instructions in your unit’s manual. But if you need to replace your entry valve or remove and flush the brine line, give us a call! We’ve got you and your unit covered.

Loss of water pressure

If you are finding a loss of water pressure, you could be dealing with sale buildup, sediment buildup, a resin blockage in the water exit line, or an improperly sized system. If you think the issue is buildup, start with cleaning out the brine tank, system plumbing, and control head. But if you are dealing with a resin blockage or an improperly sized system, reach out to an expert for help.

Too much salt usage, water tastes salty

If your water is tasting too salty, there may not be enough water in the brine tank or the control head setting may be off. Start by verifying and adjusting the settings. If that doesn’t solve the issue, check for salt bridges or mushing and remove. Blakeslee & Son offers unclogging services if you need help!

Discoloration, debris, odors

If you are experiencing water discoloration, debris, or odors, you may be dealing with one of three things: sediment buildup, bateria growth, or your resin beads have reached they end of their lifespan. If you think it may be the first two, clean and sanitize the entire system. And if you think the issue may be the resin beads, replace the resin. Blakeslee & Son can help with any replacements or maintenance your unit may need!

Are you concerned about your water quality, taste or odors? Along with Sterling water softeners, we also install whole-home filters for taste and odors and Reverse Osmosis systems! Just send us a message for more information!

Water Softener Installation in Rockford, Michigan

Blakeslee & Son has been local to Rockford, Michigan for over 75 years, becoming a trusted name in HVAC and plumbing services. As a family-owned business, we take pride in meeting the plumbing needs of our neighbors in the Rockford community. This includes installing new water softener systems, promptly addressing water softener repairs, and offering regular softener salt delivery.

Beyond Rockford, we offer water heater repair and replacement services to the surrounding areas, including:


Grand Rapids, MI


Rockford, MI


Northview, MI


Cascade, MI


Cedar Springs, MI


Comstock Park, MI


Grandville, MI


Walker, MI


Marne, MI


Ada, MI


Hudsonville, MI


East Grand Rapids, MI


Belmont, MI


Plainfield Township, MI


Sparta, MI