Get Hassle-Free Softener Salt Replacement with SaltIQ

What if we told you you never had to lift another heavy softener salt bag again? It’s true… And it gets even better!

With a smart monitoring system and regular softener salt deliveries by Blakeslee & Son, you’ll never be surprised by hard water—or tired out from hauling salt to your basement or laundry room—again!

Learn more about Blakeslee’s softener salt replacement program.

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What is the SaltIQ system?

The SaltIQ System features smart technology that monitors the usage of salt within your water softener. It automatically tracks how much softener salt is consumed over time and accurately predicts when the salt needs to be refilled.

This system is installed and mounted onto your water softener brine tank, where salt is added. Using laser sensing technology, it maintains an accurate reading of salt levels at all times.

We integrate your system so that automatic alerts can be sent to us when you need a softener salt refill. And, with our softener salt delivery program, we handle all the work of salt replacement too. Learn more.

Why Homeowners Love SaltIQ

Have Salt When You Need It… Hassle-Free

Forget about constantly checking your water softener’s salt levels. The SaltIQ system monitors it for you, so you can enjoy soft water at all times.

Quit Overspending on Salt

The SaltIQ system ensures that only the necessary amount of salt is used, reducing waste and saving you money on salt purchases.

Convenient Alerts Mean No Surprises

Never run out of salt unexpectedly! The system alerts us when it’s time to refill, preventing any interruption in water softening and saving you from the surprise of hard water.

It’s a Perfect Fit!

Whether you’re installing a new softener, upgrading an old one, or using an older system, the SaltIQ is universally compatible with various models—not limited to a specific brand.

User-Friendly Experience

Ease of use is a big deal, especially when it comes to home appliances. The SaltIQ System is designed for simplicity, making it easy for anyone in your household to manage.

To Make It Even Easier…

The biggest hassle of all is buying, transporting, lifting, and refilling those heavy softener salt bags. Our replacement service bundled with the SaltIQ system means that your new softener salt supply is transported and installed regularly by our team, with no extra cost to you.

Hassle-Free Softener Salt Replacement Provided by Blakeslee & Son

Get automatic salt monitoring and salt delivery for your water softener by Blakeslee & Son! Here’s how it works:

Reach out to us online or by calling 616-866-1921. We’ll answer any questions you may have about the SaltIQ system or your current softener.

When you’re ready to have your softener salt automatically monitored and replaced, we come to your home and install the SaltIQ monitor in your softener system and fill it with salt.

When your salt runs low, we automatically receive an alert from SaltIQ.

We coordinate with you a day and time that works best for us to supply you with new softener salt.

When your appointment time arrives, your new softener salt supply is transported and installed by our team, with no extra cost to you.

The process repeats, with you never having to worry about low softener salt—or any heavy lifting!

This deal is available at Blakeslee & Son for only $299/year.

This price includes:

  • The installation of your SaltIQ system
  • The integration of your SaltIQ system with your wifi
  • All the softener salt you need yearly
  • All labor and materials required

So you’ll see no extra costs when we come to regularly restock water softener salt at your home.

Start your regular salt deliveries today—only $299 for your first year of maintenance-free softened water!

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