Peak Protection Plan

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What is Blakeslee & Son’s Peak Protection Plan?

Our Peak Protection Plan was developed in order to save you time, money, and energy! It saves you money by including discount on dispatch fees and emergency services. It also brings you peace of mind with annual checks intended to catch potential problems before they become expensive emergencies.

The plan includes:

  • 1 heating system multi-point safety inspection
  • 1 cooling system multi-point safety inspection
  • 1 plumbing system multi-point inspection
  • 1 year parts replacement warranty
  • 1 year labor warranty on repairs
  • $50 gift card on every referral on new equipment

Benefits of a Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Maintenance Plan:


- Dispatch fees discounted from $88 to $68
- 10% discount on all plumbing, heating and cooling repair services
- $25 dollars a year accruing every year you’re on the plan (max value of $300)
- $50 gift card for every referral on new equipment


- We contact you to schedule seasonal maintenance
- No more keeping track of tune ups and warranty dates

Peace of Mind

- Annual checks prevent emergencies
- Our professionals give you up front and fair pricing so you can trust you’re getting the best deals we can offer

Pricing & Add-Ons to Your Maintenance Plan:

Peak Protection Plan
Each additional piece of equipment add-on
Tank style water heater flush add-on
Tankless water heater flush add-on
Plumbing evaluation add-on