Turn to the skilled team at Blakeslee & Son to help keep your home cool during the summer months. From regular maintenance of ACs to the installation of a complex ductless split system, we do them all. We also have a well-equipped team available to handle your emergency HVAC services.

Our technicians have over 65 years of experience in helping our customers straddle the seasonal extremes of our fair state. We are Michigan’s air-conditioning experts who deal with cooling systems of all makes and models. Call us today.


AC not blowing cold air? Find out why.

Having thermostat problems? Discover common ways to fix your cooling system.


Our expert technicians are ready to install a variety of cooling appliances and systems including:

  • Central Air Conditioning Units
  • Mini Splits / Ductless Systems

Central Air Conditioning Units

The Blakeslee brand offers quality air-conditioning systems at an affordable price. These systems help to keep your home cool while providing high energy savings as well.

Blakeslee brand air-conditioners offer excellent WARRANTY protection. Get in touch to install or repair any of the Blakeslee cooling systems.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is an important factor when determining which air conditioning unit will be best for your home. There are minimum required efficiency ratings determined by the US Department of Energy, but many new AC units exceed these standards. A typical modern SEER rating is between 13 and 25. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit is. This also means more savings on utility bills. To calculate the SEER, you simply divide the amount of output by the energy required. The less energy required, the higher the score.

We offer an installation warranty on Blakeslee brand Air Conditioning Units.

Clean Air

Mini Splits and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Mini splits or ductless AC units don’t require ducts and can offer precise control over temperature room by room. They’re an affordable option and easy to install.

Free Quote on Installation

We’re happy to provide you with a free quote on installation of heating systems.

Financing Your Install

We offer financing for our installation and services! We work with FTL Finance for financing installation work.

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We are happy to service all the cooling needs of your home or rental property. Our main services include:


We offer repairs and replacement parts for your cooling systems including:

  • Central Air
  • Ductless Systems / Mini-Splits
  • Wall Units
  • Refrigerant Leaks

We service the following brands:

    • Blakeslee & Son Brand
    • American Standard
    • Carrier
    • Goodman
    • Lennox
    • Amana
    • Trane
    • & More

Refrigerant leaks are common issues that can reduce the efficiency of your AC Unit. When leaks occur, your system won’t effectively cool your home. Leaks can also lead to health issues. We can repair refrigerant leaks to keep your unit functioning safely and efficiently. 

Adding refrigerant yourself is NOT a good idea as you risk toxicity, flammability, asphyxiation and more. We can help you with your AC repairs in a safe manner. **Note, R-22 Freon is no longer manufactured. If your unit requires R-22, consider replacing your unit.

Do I need an AC Tune-Up?

Air conditioning units should be serviced annually in order to maintain the overall performance and safety of your unit. Tune ups prevent breakdowns, reduce energy bills, maintain your warranty, and help to prevent dangerous leaks! 

Scheduling services can be a pain. Get our peak protection plan and leave it to us.

If you need repairs to your current cooling unit or require maintenance for your current cooling system, call Blakeslee & Son at 616-866-1921. We provide prompt and efficient air-conditioning services.

Financing Your Repair

We offer financing for our installation and services! We work with FTL Finance for financing installation work.

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